Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Pen #3

The Weekly Pen is going to be a place where I will post original songs, short stories, non-fiction articles, or poems each week. So here is your weekly dose of TWP (The Weekly Pen):

Note: This is a short article I wrote.

When a person hears the phrase ‘global warming’, melting icecaps and warmer winters come to mind. Most people are unaware of the impact of global warming on human health. There are food shortages, extreme weather changes, and tremendous heat. As humans become more industrialized, the more our earth is affected-for the worse.

Global warming has become a more controversial subject over the years. It’s becoming a big deal for us because there are dreadful changes happening all over the world. Some people think global warming will cause us the end of the world and some don’t. Many scientists predict that global warming will kill the Earth’s population in thirty or so years. Many scientists disagree. If we, the people of the Earth, want our precious lives to be saved, we have to do something about this growing problem on our planet.

The main concern of people around the world is pollution. Factories, cars, airplanes, etc. all contribute to that problem. If we find alternates or if we try to prevent using these, we would be helping a lot because less carbon dioxide would enter the atmosphere (greenhouse effect). Scientists all around the world are trying to figure out an alternate for fuel but if they do, the economy for some countries would surely drop. This is the main complication why it can also be bad for us to have an alternate.

Population increase is another problem relating to global warming. As our population increases, and more ignorant and unaware people are born into the world, more fuel, and gases are used. This causes more carbon dioxide to enter the atmosphere. Also, trees, that produce oxygen, are being cut down, to make space for cities, and for paper. Everyone can do their little duty to the world by not overcharging any electronics, using a fan instead of an air-con, and turning off the water while brushing. These small things, if done everyday, can make a huge difference to our gradually decreasing world. Another way to help is that people can use public transport, such as buses, trains, and carpools, instead of wasting a lot of petrol on private transport. If everyone is aware of these facts, then maybe the world will be a much safer and better place to live in.

In effect, global warming is overtaking our planet and we must do everything we can to stop it or at least delay it. We must fight and win the war against the dangerous forces that are taking over our world. Every little thing helps.


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