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Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Title: Just Ella
Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Pages: 240
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: March 27, 2007

Being a princess isn't all that. . .

You've heard the fairytale: a glass slipper, Prince Charming, happily ever after. . .

Welcome to reality: royal genealogy lessons, needle-point, acting like "a proper lady", and---worst of all---a prince who is not the least bit interesting, and certainly not charming.

As soon-to-be princess Ella deals with her newfound status, she comes to realize she is not "your majesty" material. But breaking off a royal engagement is not easy feat, especially when you're crushing on another boy in the palace. . .For Ella to escape, it will take intelligence, determination, and spunk---and no ladylike behavior allowed.

Okay, I have to be honest. . .the only thing great in this book was the plot. . .it stops there. Don't get me wrong, I hate writing bad reviews. That's why my lowest rating is going to be a 'D'. No author deserves an 'F'.

Haddix's writing was the most boring I've read. It was dull and unexciting. I was snoring by the time I got to page 3. . . literally. I've looked at what others thought about this book and surprisingly, Just Ella elicited almost-perfect reviews. Maybe it's just me then.

Haddix just couldn't accomplish charismatic writing. Instead, the book ended up colorless and passive. To get to the point, I was bored out of my mind. Even though this book was practically lifeless, I persisted in reading it so that I could have this review done (plus, I hate it when I don't finish a book).

Ella was practically the only thing in Just Ella that was great. She was so full of life. I loved her from start to finish (and Jed also). They made the plot more lively and less boring. Is it possible to hate the writing but love the characters and the plot?

The Bottom Line: I didn't get why people liked this book so much. For me, I was extremely disappointed with the book, aside from the characters and the plot. I guess it was just too 'middle-aged' for me. But who knows? You might like it. Me? Not so much. D


Shalena @ Writer Quirk June 18, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

I hate giving bad reviews too, but I like that you're honest! Doesn't it make you feel crazy to dislike a book everyone else seems to love? That book for me, so far, was Fallen by Lauren Kate (which I saw you lurved), but Captivate by Carrie Jones my steal that spot away pretty soon, if I can ever finish it! :oP Good review!

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