Friday, July 10, 2009

The Weekly Pen #1

The Weekly Pen is going to be a place where I will post original songs, short stories, or poems each week. So here is your weekly dose of TWP (The Weekly Pen):

Another Place, Another Time

by ReggieWrites

In another place,

In another time,

I was happy,

Sadness didn’t exist in my world

I was taken care of,

I was truly loved

In another place,

In another time,

I remember,

When I was on a sail train,

With my siblings,

Going out onto the horizon of the sea,

Not knowing where I’d end up


I am stuck

In a world,

Where I am not happy,

My world revolves around sadness

My family,

My brothers,

My sisters,

Were taken away from me,

My only companion is myself

I have to stand on my own,

I’m young,

But I’m strong

I have the will,

I have the perseverance,

To succeed,

To get out of this world I live in


That’s what it is,

That’s what it’s called,

That was in another place,

In another time


I am abandoned,

I am hurt

I have wounds,

Deep wounds,

In my heart,

That will not be able to heal


Everything will change,

I will find a way out,

I will escape,

I will go on a journey,

To answer my questions,

To answer my pleas,

If there was an answer,

I’d find it there

I can push myself,

I can make my life better,

I will thrive for the best,

I will rise up,

I will succeed


I think that the world is a harsh place,

With all the poverty,

With all the loss,

With all the pain

But now,

I realize that it’s up to us,

We make our own decisions,

Those decisions,

Affect us,

We make choices,

That make our lives better,

Or make our lives worse,

I realize,

It’s up to me,

To change my own life

My moments,


Or strong,

Are in the past,

In another place,

In another time

For now,

The rest is up to me


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