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Girl of the Moment by Lizabeth Zindel

Title: Girl of the Moment
Author: Lizabeth Zindel
Pages: 288
Publisher: Viking Young Adult
Publication Date: April 5, 2007

Enter the backstabbing world of teen celebrity...

When Lily's internship at the Museum of Modern Art falls through, she thinks her summer is ruined. Then her dad hooks her up with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to intern for Sabrina Snow---sixteen-year-old Hollywood starlet and THE girl of the moment. From the pages of 'Party Weekly' magazine, Sabrina's world looks like a non-stop merry-go-round of glamorous parties, red carpet events, and designer clothes. But Lily soon learns that catering to a rising star is more work than play. Once she develops a rush on Sabrina's boyfriend (that may or may not be reciprocated) and a yearning to help a needy fan, Lily's summer starts to spiral out of control. If she can get things back in order, she will be richly rewarded. But do the costs of working for Sabrina outweigh the benefits?

The first thing I noticed when I picked this up, was the cover. HAVE YOU SEEN IT? It's amazing! The whole collage idea was really cool and eye-catching. I love it.

Girl of the Moment is flat out fun. It's light and funny to read. It seemed a little unrealistic because of Sabrina's demands, but then again, who am I to say so? I loved the way Zindel was able to make Sabrina ruthless and at the same time fun and carefree. Through out the entire book, all Sabrina did was humiliate and torture Lily. Basically, the only reason Lily stayed was because of her applications for college.

I found Taylor (the needy fan) to be really cute. She was probably the character with the most realistic problems. She went through what everyone went through when they were kids. She was teased. Soon, she was able to learn how to overcome those problems and believe in herself. She was an exceptionally brave and inspiring character.

I hated it at first because it was kind of boring. There was a lot of pointless information but, it was well-written pointless information. I just wanted Zindel to get straight to the point. It got exciting after 100 pages when the conflicts started to erupt.

The ending. I didn't find it suitable (but you'll just have to wait and read for yourself) considering that it's a stand-alone. It just didn't satisfy me.

The Bottom Line: Zindel is a great author with great ideas. She just needs to be straightforward and get her point across. C+ :-)


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