Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post-it #2

Hey guys! I love quotes so much that I just wanted to try out this meme I 'borrowed' from Iryna in 'The Garden of Books' blog. On her blog, it's called 'In Between These Pages'. But I'm just going to rename it 'Post-its' because I write all of the interesting quotes I find, on a post-it. Happy Reading!!!!!

"I feel thankful for the best gift of all. . .It's the one wrapped around my heart with a big, pink bow---the never-ending gift of friendship,"

"Sometimes, I even found myself missing her. Our lives had only overlapped for a few months, but during that time, I had moved inside her private world, glimpsing parts of her that most people didn't get to see. And for that, I was grateful. Somehow, stepping into her life, I learned more about my own,"

-Lily Miles

"Solving mysteries is what we do...and we're always willing to travel,"
-Gilda Joyce


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