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Review, Interview/Publicity Policy

Review Policy:For authors and publishers:

If you want to send me an ARC or a book to review, it is NOT 100% guaranteed that I will review them. But even when I have a humongous pile of books, I make way for all of the books for review I have. They are my FIRST(ish) priority. If I have a lot of books for review, I read the ones that get sent to me first. I read any genre of YA. Feel free to contact me at

Also, it is NOT guaranteed that I will post a favorable review for the book. It will be an honest review. If I rate it low or if I didn't like the book, I will always justify why I didn't like it. I ALWAYS try to review objectively.

Book Formats I Accept: 
ARC (Advance Readers Copy)
Finished Copy
Kindle/E-book Format

You can see my reviewing system over here.

Interview/Publicity Policy:

If you are an author or publisher who would like to promote a book on my blog, contact me at I check my email everyday. I'd be happy to promote! I also do interviews with different YA authors and I can host contests for you. Currently, I have a feature called Author Week. It's when I host an author for an entire week! Please contact me if you're interested!

Examples of Author Week Set-Ups here.

Previous Author Weeks:
Jennifer Echols
Terri Clark
Lisa Sandell
Janette Rallison
Angela Morrison
Deb Caletti
(Publisher) Putnam Juvenile
(Publisher) Graphia

E-book/Self-published Policy:

I accept E-books and self-published manuscripts. If you want to send me an e-book, again, contact me at


Thank you so much! If you have any complaints or any additions to this, don't hesitate to contact me (you know where to find me!) or to comment on this post.

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