Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogger Undercover: My Sister!!!!! Mavie (Blogger Interview)

Heya guys! Since loads of people are helping me in exposing my blog more, I thought that I'd help others too! Blogger Undercover is going to be all about exposing more amazing book bloggers out there. If you want me to put you up there, send me an email at!
I'd be happy to do anything that helps you gain more loyal followers!

This blogger is SUPER special...because she's MY LITTLE SISTER!!! Her blog only took off a few days ago...she's making great progress though!!! I, personally---as a critical book blogger---like her blog solely based on her reviews...considering she's younger than me and only started to read about a month ago. Her blog is called YA Book Reviews. Go check it out!

What inspired you to start blogging?
You! Your doing great in your blog! And also, some other blogs like The Story Siren, The Book Muncher, Carries YA Bookshelf, The Book Pixie and a lot more!

Why do you like to read?
Everything! Comedy, Romance, Mystery, etc... I enjoy everything.

Are you a book geek?
Well, I'm actually STARTING to become one, but of course I won't be like my sister, who's a total book nerd!

What's the best thing you've ever done to your blog?
Well, for me, my reviews, my writing has improved a lot.

How many books have you read in your life (estimate)?
Okay, maybe at first I was so not a book geek, so excuse me if I read only a little books in my life, but I'm catching up about 100 books, I guess or less!

How many authors have you met?
About 3-4 I guess. In my old school, there were authors who came and so I got a chance to meet them and it was a great experience!

Thanks for interviewing me sis! Also, thank you to everyone who's supporting my sister's blog! Come support mine!

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