Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forgiveness - A TUBL Random Post

Hi guys!

I saw that some of you entered the TDD Nail-polish giveaway and I laughed, cried, and was genuinely intrigued by your answers for the forgiveness I thought I'd do the same. These are the instances where I always forgive...usually not because I want to (does that sound crazy?), but because it's how I am. I'm physically and mentally UNABLE to hold a grudge or to not forgive someone. I just can't. I ALWAYS end up forgiving no matter what the situation. Here are some of my FUNNY forgive-me scenarios:

Scenario 1: The Lollipop and The Bookshelf
This guy, Aidan was 10 years old and he was in my room because his whole family was there because MY family invited them over because our moms were friends. While his brother, Liam was being a retard who was trying to be all 'cool' and everything, Aidan was in my room and found my vanilla lollipop stash. NOBODY touches my vanilla lollipops because they're really hard to find sometimes. He took one from my stash and I got really angry and started chasing him around my room. He opened it and ate it and I got really pissed. And then, he started REARRANGING my shelf!!! YOU NEVER DO THAT. Period. I nearly murdered him and instead kicked him out of my room. But I forgave him after I posted this really embarrassing picture of him on facebook. Revenge than forgiveness right? =)

Scenario 2: Sistah Fevah!
My sister, The Bookologist was being really annoying and kept entering my room and then sitting on my bed (where I was doing homework) and started bugging me. Seriously, it was ANNOYING. I had to DRAG her out of my room and lock the door just to get everything done. The next day, when I said hi to her and her friends at school, she ignored me! I got really annoying but in the end, I forgave her and now, her friends and I have become semi-friends =) They're actually pretty funny =)

Scenario 3: Snakes and Moms = TROUBLE.
Me and my dad love playing pranks on my mom and my sisters. It's sort of our thing =) So one day, I bought a real-looking snake and my dad had a real-looking scorpion. While my mom was walking to the living room, me and my dad dropped the scorpion and snake on her from the high-ceiling balcony. She screamed and nearly tripped! It was sooooo funny though! My dad and I were laughing our a**es off and starting high-fiving each other! My mom saw us and got really pissed! The next day, the same thing happened to me...only it was my mom dropping the spiders (I HATE spiders!). I forgave her though =)

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Mavie February 27, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

LOL.. the second one is the funniest. I love destroying your bookshelf, just like Aiden. Fun stuff...

Monster of Books February 27, 2010 at 5:08 PM  

Ehh the Bookologist is your sister 0_0 you learn something new every day!!

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