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The Naughty List by Suzanne Young

Title: The Naughty List (Book 1)
Author: Suzanne Young
Pages: 272
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: February 4, 2010

As if being a purrfect cheerleader isn’t enough responsibility! Tessa Crimson’s the sweet and spunky leader of the SOS (Society of Smitten Kittens), a cheer squad–turned–spy society dedicated to bringing dastardly boyfriends to justice, one cheater at a time. Boyfriend-busting wouldn’t be so bad . . . except that so far, every suspect on the Naughty List has been proven 100% guilty!

When Tessa’s own boyfriend shows up on the List, she turns her sleuthing skills on him. Is Aiden just as naughty as all the rest, or will Tessa’s sneaky ways end in catastrophe?

The Naughty List. Is your boyfriend on it?

Tessa Crimson's life is seemingly perfect. She's the cheerleading captain, leader of the SOS (Society of Smitten Kittens), she's on the honor roll, AND her boyfriend's the captain of the basketball team! What more can a girl want? She and Aiden have been together for two years but she's hiding her involvement with SOS and is afraid to finally tell Aiden about what she does. How would you feel if you were lied to, for two years? But as their relationship is put on the line, Chloe Ferril and her brother, Christian, transfer to Washington High. Christian seems to be getting cozy with Tess, but so is Chloe with Aiden. Secrets are revealed, tears are shed, cheaters are taken down, and Aiden's name has made it onto The Naughty List. Every name in The Naughty List has been proven guilty...Is Aiden really cheating? Bring it on Wildcats!

The Naughty List is a total strawberry smoothie (expression from The Naughty List); fun and flirty with a twist of a secret society thrown in. The SOS is a vital part of Tess's responsibility, but at what cost would she jeopardize her relationship with Aiden to help other girls find out whether or not their own boyfriends are cheating?

Tess is an upbeat and witty protagonist, insecure about her relationship with Aiden. She grapples with her many responsibilities and sometimes, and it feels like she's going to implode. Tess's stress and doubt really touches the whole atmosphere of The Naughty List. You'd be able to feel the strain on Aiden and Tess's relationship through each page. The tension builds up, creating an anxious air, permanently there until the dramatic and unexpected climax.

The slang in The Naughty List is cute, but it's a little bit cheesy and not really realistic. Even so, Tess's expressions are entertaining and hilarious; they're a part of her. The sexual references scattered throughout the book are tastefully added, but they aren't as subtle, which added to the awkwardness-factor of the novel. Young populates The Naughty List with a cast of charming characters that are headstrong, original, and dynamic; each with her/his own conflict that is covered and given attention to. Young gives the message that friends stick together no matter what.

Suzanne Young has done a great job with her debut novel, The Naughty List. It's the perfect YA chick-lit book that any girl could read, anytime, with the two best guys in the world at her side: Ben and Jerry! A+ =)

The Bottom Line: The Naughty List is a fun, flirty, tantalizing debut that you wouldn't want to miss! Suzanne Young has truly enamored me with The Naughty List! I can't wait for the sequel!

---Report Card---
Originality: 9/10
Ending: 9/10
Characters: 10/10
Plot: 10/10
My reaction/enjoyment: 10/10
Theme: 10/10
Imagery: 10/10
Setting: 4/5
Voice: 5/5
Style: 4/5
Tone: 5/5
Cover: 10/10
Total Score: 96/100 (A+)
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brizmus November 30, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

:-) SOS = Society of Smitten Kittens. cute.
This book sounds. . .naughty!

The Book Owl December 1, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

Yay, nice review. I haven't posted a review for this yet, but I really enjoyed it too!

Kate at Read This Book! January 2, 2010 at 6:12 PM  

Awesome review! A total strawberry smoothie? Cannot wait to read it!

Maria April 3, 2010 at 5:34 AM  

This sounds like a fun read :)

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