Saturday, August 13, 2011

See My [Creative] Spark Saturday (2) - Spark

See My [Creative] Spark Saturday is a new feature every week here at The Undercover Book Lover. It's a feature when I post an original written piece; either a short story or a poem and you guys can comment and give me constructive feedback on them =) You get a glimpse of my [no matter how minuscule] creative spark!

Today's Spark is a poem called:


It is an escape,

Life immortalized in stanzas.

Everyday expressed,

Through the interplay,

Of words.

It’s a heartbeat,

A lifeline.

Drawn with words,

The bright, gleaming sun,

And the clear, natural rain,

Tarnished by the misery of the world.

Painted with delicate strokes of imagination,

A reminiscent love.

But harshly sketched,

Death and hate,

With the deep scars of experience.


That creative spark is lost.

Nowhere to be found,

From the highest peak of intellect,

To the darkest depths of ignorance,

Nowhere to be found.

Thoughts, ideas, and creativity,

Leak into the dark, ominous void of nothingness.


Free from the clutches of lies,

It is freedom.

Free from the grime and filth,

It is all left behind in reality.

Loose from the bounds tied to insecurity,

It is the powerful essence that mingles,

With raw emotion.

Liberated from the harsh realities,

And unraveled from deceptive illusions,

It is the expression of the soul.

The unrestrained inspiration that sings to many hearts.

And the epidemic that cures so many souls.


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