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Author Uncovered: Aimee Friedman (Author Interview)

  • Sea Change
  • The Year My Sister Got Lucky
  • South Beach
  • French Kiss
  • Hollywood Hills
  • A Novel Idea
  • Breaking Up
  • Mistletoe
  • 21 Proms

Author Bio:

Aimee Friedman was born and raised in Queens, New York, in an apartment filled with books and different languages. She wrote her first story at the age of five, and was off and running from there. Aimee wrote all through her years as a student at the Bronx High School of Science and then Vassar College. After graduating from college in 2001, she became a children's book editor, a job she still does, and loves, to this day! Aimee published her first novel, the New York Times bestseller, South Beach, in 2005, and is now the author of six novels for young adults, the latest being Sea Change, a love story with a hint of enchantment. Aimee lives, works, and writes in Manhattan, where she also spends way too much time shoe-shopping. Aimee loves to hear from her readers so feel free to drop her line any time:

Did you always want to become an author?
Yes! I grew up in a house filled with books, and I always loved to read- - and write. I've written probably since the age of five or six. Writing was my escape, my joy, my most favorite thing to do, so I knew I would want to make it a part of my life in some way. I always say writers are lucky because, in a way, we get to daydream for a living!

Who or what was your inspiration for Sea Change?

I've always loved mermaid stories, from the classic Andersen fairy tale to the '80s movie Splash! I began to wonder: what if the gender roles were reversed? What if the human character was a girl, and the sea creature a boy? Out of that idea came the set-up for Sea Change.

What about for A Novel Idea? (It's my favorite out of all RoCom books)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! The main character in A Novel Idea--Norah--is very similar to how I was in high school. Like Norah, I was a city girl, bookish, very into music and fashion, and very close to my friends...but totally tongue-tied around cute boys! I always wished I'd thought up creating my own book club while in high school, so I decided to give that opportunity to Norah--while throwing some funny roadblocks in her path!

How does it feel like, knowing your books are on those bookshelves in a bookstore?
It never gets old, that thrill of seeing your book on the shelf! It is surreal and wonderful, especially since writing is such a solitary task...you're creating these worlds alone, in your own head, and then suddenly, there they are--between covers and in bookstores, and in people's hands. It's wild.

Did you base any of your characters on real people?

I definitely draw on people I know to make up different parts of different characters--little quirks someone has, certain traits, certain funny family stories. But there isn't one character that's firmly based on anyone I know--with the possible exception of Katie and Michaela in The Year My Sister Got Lucky. Those characters are very closely modeled on me and my sister, but with a few changes.

What are your ten, most favorite things?

Wow, this is tough, but fun.
1) Books. The feel, touch, and look of them, and of course, the wonderful stories inside.
2) My iPod. I can't write without some type of music in my ears.
3) Sunny, hot beach days.
4) The store Anthropologie, where I get probably 75% of my clothes!
5) The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
6) Tibetan Poppy Lipstick by Fresh
7) A perfect slice of pizza.
8) Cashmere socks.
9) Ballet.
10) Soft-serve ice cream cones: chocolate, with chocolate sprinkles.

What is your typical day?

A typical writing day goes something like this: Get up, shower, put on jeans, tee, and flip-flops, pack up laptop, iPod, and wallet and head to neighborhood coffee shop. Order a large iced vanilla skim latte and a low-fat muffin, settle into one of the squishy seats, and get to work. Type away (with, unfortunately, many Facebook breaks) until lunch, and then dive back into the work until my brain starts to feel fuzzy and I know I need to step away from the words. I'll usually spend my evenings with friends, seeing a movie, having dinner, taking a walk, etc., and sometimes I'll pick up writing again late at night. It all depends!

What is your favorite type of drink?

Always and forever, hot cocoa--with whipped cream, but only as a special treat.

Do you have any upcoming books?

I'm working on a book now for slightly younger readers, and then I have a sequel to Sea Change in mind, along with another YA project. Busy times!

Thanks so much Aimee!
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Kristin Rae November 9, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

Great interview! I'm so glad to hear she has a sequel to Sea Change in mind, because the way it ended.... I need more. :)

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