Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haiti Relief Fund Auction Coming Soon! Books, ARCs, Critiques Galore!!!

Hi guys!

I'm planning to have an auction-month for October/November in which I will organize the auction on my blog to help raise money for the Haiti Relief Fund.

In order to organize the auctions to help raise money, I was hoping to be able to get donations from you all! I would be ever so thankful if you all would help out Haiti! Here are some guidelines for if you want to donate! I'm looking for about 50+ auctions if possible! Thank you so so much!

What can you donate?
-Critiques (no minimum or maximum length)
-ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies): signed or unsigned
-Your Book: signed or unsigned
-Annotated/Marked-up copy of your book/ARC
-A combination of any of the above =)

How will it work?
-When you choose to donate, I will post the auctions up starting October/November and when the highest bidder has won and payed, I will send his/her address for you to send the prize!

-100% will be donated IN A LUMP SUM to the Haiti Relief  Fund for Onedayswages.org
(I will show the PayPal receipt as proof)

Thank you so much! If you know anybody else who would be willing to help! Please ask them to do so and forward this email! My contact email is regietc@gmail.com and I am so grateful for all your help! Thank you so much!

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Holly September 28, 2010 at 1:49 PM  

i'll keep an eye out for the auctions to bid on!

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