Thursday, July 29, 2010


It is a discussion post feature in which I discuss anything book-related. They're just normal (sometimes random) discussion posts that are named A Cup of Coffee with Reggie because it's like having a cup of coffee with me and listening (or in this case reading) about my bookish opinions. It will be a random feature here at TUBL that can pop up anywhere from twice a day to twice a year. Most likely, it will be a tri-weekly post feature on my blog.

It is a feature I will be posting every Monday that features a couple where the girl and the guy are from different young adult books. I'll be pairing up girls and guys from different genres and different backgrounds based on what I think is the perfect match. And I'll also justify why I put them together to make it more interesting =)

It is a feature where I post about a boy in a book who's spell I'm currently under. I look for guys with more substance as well as that hottie-factor. These are the YA guys who I constantly rant about with my friends and family and they're all tired of it, so this is how I'll rant. I do have a high standard for guys I'll be featuring here, so thanks to those authors who wrote them...I'm in love =) This feature will be posted every Wednesday.

See My [Creative] Spark Saturday

It is a new feature every week here at The Undercover Book Lover. It's a feature when I post an original written piece; either a short story or a poem and you guys can comment and give me constructive feedback on them =) You get a glimpse of my [no matter how minuscule] creative spark!


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